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Results: SIG Social Media Officer Election 2018-2019

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the election of the SIG SM officers board for 2018/19.
According to this our new board builds up as follows:

Official SIG Social Media Board (2019)

Co-Chair: Aylin Ilhan
Co-Chair: Isabelle Dorsch
Chair-Elect: Vivek Singh
Treasurer: Philippe Mongeon
Secretary: Nic DePaula
Communications and Social Media: Isha Ghosh
Communications and Social Media: Catherine Dumas
Recruitment Membership: Nosheen Fatima Warraich
Recruitment Membership: Wasim Ahmed
Recruitment Membership: Souvick Ghosh
Webmaster: Kaja Fietkiewicz
Designer: Karen Kaufmann
Archivist: Arjun Sabharwal

Congratulations to the new as well as the continuing officers!
We are looking forward to another exciting and fruitful year!

Below you can find the results of the election in detail:

Poll (Q1-Q3):
Q1 Uncontested Slate:

Chair-Elect: Vivek Singh
Treasurer: Philippe Mongeon
Secretary: Nic DePaula
Communications and Social Media: Isha Ghosh & Catherine Dumas
Webmaster: Kaja Fietkiewicz
Designer: Karen Kaufmann
Archivist: Arjun Sabharwal

N= 45 participants (45 participants answered; 1 participant skipped)


86.67% (N=39) à In favor
0% (N=0) à Opposed
13.33% (N=6) à Abstain

Q2 Contested Seat (select two): Recruitment Membership:

N= 45 participants (45 participants answered; 1 participant skipped)


Wasim Ahmed: 57.78% (N=26)
Nosheen Fatima Warraich 80.00% (N=36)
Souvick Ghosh 62.22% (N=28)

Q3 Comments:
One commentator suggested choosing all three nominees for the membership recruitment seats. According to this, we decided to do so.