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2018-2019 SIG Officers and Plans for 2018-2019

Welcome our new SIG IEP Officers:

Kenneth Haggerty is moving from Chair-elect to Chair as Emad has stepped down as Chair due to a new professional opportunity! Congratulations to Emad on his new position with and to Kevin to being the new Chair of SIG IEP.

Abby Phillips is the new Chair-Elect, moving up from Communications Officer.

Brandi Loveday-Chesley, the now Past SIG Cabinet Director, is the new Communications Officer.

We are currently looking for interested parties to step in for next year’s elections. We need enthusiastic, motivated people to keep this SIG active and vibrant. Building up to the current activity of submissions for the AM and hosting workshops has been hard won by the work from previous Chairs and Officers to organize meaningful content for your consumption and use.

The plans for the next year include organizing at least two webinars – one being related to Cyber/Information Security and the other TBD.

There will also, hopefully, be collaboration with a couple of the other SIGs: SI, OIM, and ED and either webinars or submissions for the Annual Conference in Melbourne, Australia in 2019.
To check out the details for Melbourne, please visit .

Also, for Asia Pacific based members, please note there is a regional meeting coming your way! Check out for more information. If any of you are attending, please send a synopsis of what you attend and your thoughts on the conference to the Communications Officer at her email address as listed on

Keep an eye on your inbox for a new newsletter with articles from other members, latest happenings in the world in cyber security and policy, and more. Want to write a quick column to share your research or an experience in class, work, or the world? Email your contribution to Brandi Loveday-Chesley at the email listed on our SIG page! We want to share your successes, your challenges, and your thoughts with the whole group!

We’re hoping to build more interaction with members this year and get you more involved. How can we do this? Let us know! Don’t forget to check out the site and check out (or start!) conversations with other members on whatever has struck your fancy or piqued your interest. Collaborate, discuss, involve everyone!

Looking forward to hearing from you all in the next year!