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Navigating the Data Landscape: Roles and Rules and When to Break Them

The New England Chapter of the Association for Information Science & Technology, together with the Simmons College Student Chapter, invite you to join us at our 2019 Winter Event:

The amount, variety, and production rate of data have increased exponentially and rapidly. We also have tools that make data more available and make crunching data more accessible. With a demand for data-driven approaches to practically everything, there is a need for people who have been trained on being stewards, organizers, and facilitators of information (like librarians!) to assist and even lead the ways in which data is collected, identified, compiled, managed, analyzed, preserved, presented, and used. What an overwhelming picture!

So where do we start? Join NEASIS&T for a day of thoughtful presentations and hands-on participatory sessions on navigating this large and complex data landscape!

Check out info about travel stipends below and mark your registration accordingly if you wish to apply!

Check our Eventbrite for more information and for registration.

Links to available slides:
A Harm-reduction Approach to Digital Privacy: Claire Lobdell, Distance Education Library and Archivist, Greenfield Community College
Features of the Data Landscape: Ceilyn Boyd, Research Data Program Manager, Harvard Library
Understanding Context in Information Behavior:  Naresh Agarwal, Associate Professor, Simmons College

Tableau workshop, James Adams, Data Visualization Librarian at Dartmouth College

Related books:
Exploring Context in Information Behavior by Naresh Agarwal - 25% discount for attendees