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Dear SIG/OIM members:
In my June newsletter, I called for nominations for the following offices:

  • Chair-Elect
  • Treasurer
  • SIG Cabinet Representative.

Here are the criteria [1] for nominations of officers:

  • individuals willing to commit their time to providing the necessary leadership for the SIG.
  • Individuals must be members of ASIS&T and the SIG at the time of their nominations.
  • The best officers are well-versed in the particular interest area of the SIG and also have corporate or organizational support for their professional activities. Individuals without such support find it difficult to attend ASIS&T and SIG meetings and to prepare correspondence to the membership.

This third requirement to attend ASIS&T and SIG meetings can be relaxed somewhat with the availability of virtual attendance at meetings.

If you see subjects relevant to the interests of SIG/OIM which you think should be explored, then please feel free to nominate yourself!  You may communicate your intentions to me, along with a brief bio, by Friday August 2.  According to the SIG Officers Manual, we must hold our election six weeks prior to the annual meeting [2].  Therefore, we will hold the election during the fourth week in August.

[1] SIG Officers Manual.  Revision approved 6/18. p. 11/ Nominations

[2] p. 33