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Winners of the ASIS&T SIG SI Social Informatics Best Paper Award 2019

It is my pleasure, as the Awards Coordinator for the ASIS&T Special Interest Group for Social Informatics (SIG SI), to be able to announce the winners of the 2019 ASIS&T SIG SI Social Informatics Best Paper Award. Out of eight nominated papers, each received two reviews from social informatics scholars, with those reviews then evaluated by our award jury of Awa Zhu (SIG SI Chair), Rachel Simons (SIG SI Chair-Elect), and Adam Worrall (SIG SI Awards Coordinator). Reviewers and the jury evaluated papers on their relevance to social informatics; the clarity of their methods, findings, and implications; their significance and contribution to social informatics research; and their overall strength as deserving of the Best Paper Award.

The award jury chose one winning paper whose authors will receive the $1,000 prize: Madelyn Sanfilippo (Princeton University), Pnina Fichman (Indiana University, Bloomington), and Shengnan Yang (Indiana University, Bloomington), for their paper “Multidimensionality of online trolling behaviors,” published during 2018 in The Information Society, volume 34 issue 1, pp. 27-39.
Given the high quality of nominated papers, we also wish to recognize two honourable mentions:

  • Jessa Lingel (University of Pennsylvania), for her paper “A bookmobile critique of institutions, infrastructure, and precarious mobility,” published during 2018 in Public Culture, volume 30 issue 2, pp. 305-327.
  • Corey JacksonKevin CrowstonCarsten Østerlund, and Mahboobeh Harandi (all of Syracuse University), for their paper “Folksonomies to support coordination and coordination of folksonomies,” published during 2018 in Computer Supported Cooperative Work, volume 27, issue 3-6, pp. 647-678.

All authors and their papers will be recognized during the 2019 ASIS&T SIG SI Symposium, to be held on Saturday, October 19th, as part of the ASIS&T 2019 Annual Meeting in Melbourne, Australia. Sanfilippo, Fichman, and Yang will also present their award-winning paper as part of the symposium. A reminder that early registration for the ASIS&T Annual Meeting ends this Friday, August 2; to register for the Annual Meeting and the SIG SI symposium, please go to
(Two nominees were also received for SIG SI’s Best Student Paper Award, but in the determination of referees and the award jury neither were deemed suitable to win the award.)

Thanks to those who reviewed nominated papers for our Best Paper or Best Student Paper Awards this year: Theresa Anderson, Kaitlin L. Costello, Catherine Dumas, Kristin Eschenfelder, Pnina Fichman, Ken R. Fleischmann, Noriko Hara, Mohammad H. Jarrahi, Emad Khazraee, Kolina Koltai, Eric T. Meyer, Kirstin Phelps, Howard Rosenbaum, Kalpana Shankar, Sarika Sharma, Rachel Simons, Adam Worrall, and Awa Zhu. Congratulations again to all of our winning authors, and especially Madelyn, Pnina, and Shengnan, for their strong, insightful, and interesting research and for their contributions to social informatics. We hope to see everyone in Melbourne for our 2019 SIG SI Symposium and the presentation of our winning paper!

Adam Worrall, Ph.D.