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How Would You Like a Free Year of ASIS&T Membership?

ASIS&T needs your help in identifying potential sponsors for the 2020 Annual Meeting as well as various ASIS&T awards. Any individual who facilitates an introduction to a potential new sponsor will receive a full year of membership for free if that introduction results in a sponsorship of $1,000 or more. ASIS&T will handle all future communication with the potential sponsor beyond the introduction.

Ideas for potential sponsors include:

  • Corporations with significant data/information management functions (Indeed, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc)
  • Publishers
  • Universities
  • Associations
  • Research Services (Thomson Reuters, Clarivate, Gale, Ebsco, etc)

If you have any questions about this opportunity,  please contact Cathy Nash, Director of Meetings & Events.

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