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2020 ASIS&T Constitution and Bylaws Amendments

In early 2020 the ASIS&T Governance Committee was tasked with reviewing the ASIS&T Constitution & Bylaws and proposing amendments that would address to concerns. The first concern was that the Chapter Assembly Director and SIG Cabinet Director were each elected by their respective bodies yet held seats on the Board of Directors, the rest of which was elected by the membership at large. The second concern was that the one-year term of the Chapter Assembly Director and SIG Cabinet Director were not long enough to allow those individuals adequate time to acclimate to their Board role and serve as effectively as they might wish.

To that end, the Governance Committee recommended that there be an At-Large Director on the Board who would serve as a liaison to each of the two bodies. Those Directors would serve three-year terms and fulfill their liaison role throughout their term of office. This would ensure that the Chapter Assembly and SIG Cabinet receive consistent representation over an extended period of time.

The Governance Committee is proposing several amendments to the 2019-approved Constitution and Bylaws in order to make this change in the election process. The resulting amended Constitution and Bylaws, with track changes, is linked below. In addition to these substantive modifications, changes were made to the references to Chapters to reflect the move to a regional structure. Those edits are not highlighted in the track-changes version. If you would like to see the fully-edited version of the Bylaws please contact Lydia Middleton.