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ASIS&T Strategic Plan

On behalf of the Strategic Planning Task Force, we would like to share with the ASIS&T community the draft strategic plan for the association over the next five years. Work on the draft plan started immediately after the Annual Meeting in Melbourne and was carried out over the last few months using a variety of inputs, including opportunities for members of the Association and the Board to provide feedback and suggestions.

The document describes overall strategies for ASIS&T in terms of goals and objectives, as well as specific tactics (i.e., specific actions, projects or initiatives) that will be executed to achieve these goals and objectives over 2020-2025. The Board approved this draft plan at its May meeting. Now, we are releasing the plan to the general membership for feedback and consideration. We want to know what you think of the plan. What are its strengths? Where could improvements be made? Please let us know. We will use this input to address any weaknesses or gaps to produce a final version of the plan. The Board will then vote on this final version at the Annual Meeting held in October 2020.

There is a link to the draft plan below. At the end of the webpage there is a comments section. Please share your thoughts on the plan via the comments function.

Comments will be accepted through July 15, 2020.