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We are pleased to announce this year’s 2020 NEASIST Conference Support Award recipients:

Rong Tang, Associate Professor, School of Library Information Science, Simmons University.

Rong is already embedded in ASIS&T activities and is the lead editor for the JASIS&T special issue,”Paradigm shift in the field of information”. Rong had also presented at multiple NEASIST events in the past. Regarding this year’s theme, Rong writes, “this theme emphasizes the impact of information on society. In the past, when we think about information or information science, more often we only consider exclusively about the scholarship or advances within our own field. This theme prompts us to think about the value of information broadly outside our own field.”

Francesco Buccella, Student, School of Library Information Science, Simmons University

Francesco writes that attending the ASIS&T Meeting will “assist me in entering the sphere of knowledge by current practitioners, which I would like to soon consider colleagues of mine” and recognizes the opportunities professional organizations provide “to supplement their practice with scholarly discussion”. We wholeheartedly agree with Francesco that “it is exciting to be able to start to be a part of that community, simultaneously while starting my graduate studies, rather than beginning after graduation.” Regarding this year’s theme: “Never before in world history have we had this amount of information in both physical and digital format, and this impressive confluence requires professionals in our field to properly manage it for current use and posterity.”

Madison Schallhorn, Student, School of Library Information Science, Simmons University

Madison is excited “for the potential to form relationships with mentors and peers who inspire me. Because of the squelching effects of COVID-19 on my professional future and my ability to gain experience as a current student, I desire to be part of a community of people who share my passion for this field now more than ever.” Regarding this year’s theme: “As sustainability becomes more important, it is necessary to expand the voices involved in the discourse and research beyond those who are typically involved. I look forward to advocating for our community and showing how our work in information science can offer a different perspective and provide insight on creating a more sustainable future.” 

We are excited for Rong, Franceso, and Madison to attend the 2020 ASIS&T Meeting in October and for them to share what they’ve learned with the chapter!