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The Standards Committee cast the following vote:

Voted APPROVE with Comments on FDIS 3297, International standard serial number (ISSN)


Do you approve of the technical content of the final draft of ISO/FDIS 3297?


This document defines and promotes the use of a standard code (ISSN) for the unique identifier of serials and other continuing resources.


  • Scope (Page1), [the medium of production] bullet 1: blog and in bullet 2: websites. They seem to be similar; Is it better to put the blog in row 2 (next to the website)?
  • Display (Page8): One of the retrieval issues occurs due the difference in data entry. Is it possible to clarify (obligatory note) that the ISBN enter/ record in English?
  • ISSN Machine legibility (Page9): Isn’t it better to add UniMARC examples to other tag formats? As you know many countries still use UniMARC as the data tagging format.