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1) Voted CONFIRM on Systematic Review – ISO 843, Conversion of Greek characters into Latin characters


Do you recommend ISO 843 be confirmed, revised or withdrawn?


This International Standard establishes a system for the transliteration and/or transcription of Greek characters into Latin characters. This system provides for two sets of rules, each constituting a type of conversion.

2) Voted REVISE with Comments on Systematic Review – ISO 214, Abstracts for publications and documentation


Do you recommend ISO 214 be confirmed, revised, or withdrawn?


This International Standard presents guidelines for the preparation and presentation of abstracts of documents. Emphasis is placed on the abstracts prepared by the authors of primary documents, and on their publication, because such abstracts can be both helpful to the reader of these documents and reproducible with little or no change in secondary publications and services.


ASIST believes that review with attention to non-print implications for  abstracts  would be warranted.  The examples might also be expanded.  There’s no mention of data repositories, which could  be salient in some disciplines.

There are also the trends of “publishing” research datasets. More European countries and USA have guidelines and strategies these three years. The datasets have been required to be made FAIR, the W3C DACT version 2 released this year made real useful recommendations. Yet, currently various recommendations are all more on the model, structureM and processes, some addressed data values, but not on the contents like abstracts.
Structured abstracts also become popular in non-English speaking countries’ publications. On the other hand, the structures may need to be more standardized.

Comments provided by Gail Thornburg and Marcia Zeng