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December 2020 SIG News


SIG-AH is thrilled to announce our elected officers for the upcoming year.

Chair: Julie Carmen
Chair Elect: Dan Maxwell
Website Officer: Arjun Sabharwal
Newsletter Editor: Dr. Muhammad Tariq
Communications/Social Media Officer: ­Gavin Goodwin
Secretary: Alicia Takaoka


The following will represent SIG-DL as SIG officers/representatives:

Co-Chair: Jelina Haines
Co-Chair: Peter Organisciak
Communications Officer: Virginia Dressler

Thank you to all who participated in the elections and we can't wait for an active and engaging year!


Here are the nominations for SIG-HLTH officers and we are excited to announce the winners as follows:

Chair: Neslihan Gurol
Chair-Elect: Huajin Wang
Communications Officer: Iman Tahamtan


Thank you to all those who voted in the SIG-HFIS election this year. We are happy to announce the results:

Chair-Elect: Asen Ivanov
Secretary: Lin (David) Wang
Treasurer: Cameron Pierson

These officers will begin their one-year terms as of the 2020 Annual Meeting later this month. Please join us in giving them congratulations and best wishes for the coming year. As always we welcome any ideas and input from all of you at any time.


Thank you to those who voted in this election cycle. Please join me in congratulating our new officers:

Chair: Muhammad Yousuf Ali
Secretary: Aidah Larsen
Treasurer: Awa Zhu
Communications Officer: Adaora Chigozie Obuezie

Thank you for your service. Congratulations again!


We would like to congratulate all of the new SIG-III officers! Thanks to the candidates and all SIG-III members for participating.

Chair: Devendra Potnis
Co-Chair:Prodip Roy
Chair-Elect:  Devendra Potnis
Co-Chair-Elect:Anwarul Islam
Treasurer:Caroline Kobusingye 

InfoShare Chair:Saira Hanif Soroya
InfoShare Member 1:  Abid Hussain
InfoShare Member 2: Humphrey Keah
Newsletter Officer: Rajesh Kumar Das
Webmaster/Communication Officer: Humphrey Keah
SIG Cabinet Representative:Catherine Dumas 

IPC Chair: Nosheen Warraich
IPC Jury:Iman Tahamtan

Toni Carbo
Kendra Albright
Abebe Rorissa

Past Chair:Ashraf Sharif


Dear SIG-KM community,

Thank you very much for participating in the recent SIG-KM Officer Elections. We are pleased to announce the following results:

Chair: Md Anwarul Islam
Chair-Elect: Lu An
Secretary/Treasurer: Heather Pfeiffer
Special Project Officer: Darra Hofman

Please join me in thanking them for stepping up in service, and in giving them your utmost support.


Dear SIG-MET community,

We are pleased to announce the following results for the SIG-MET elections:

Chair: Fei Shu, Hangzhou Dianzi University
Chair-Elect: Pei-Ying Chen, Indiana University Bloomington
Secretary: Kai Li, Renmin University of China
Treasurer: Chenwei Zhang, The University of Hong Kong
Webmaster: Isabelle Dorsch, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
Communications Officer: Tirthankar Ghosal, Indian Institute of Technology Patna
Awards Coordinator: Ba Nguyen, Victoria University of Wellington


Here are the winners of the SIG-SM officer elections thank you for voting.

Chair: Loni Hagen
Chair Elect: Amir Karami
Secretary:Katrin Scheibe
Treasurer:Tara Zimmerman
Communications and Social Media: Catherine Dumas
Communications and Social Media: Xiaoyu Chen
Membership Officer: Tanmoy Chakraborty
Webmaster: Aylin Ilhan
Designer: Karen F. Kaufmann
Archivist: Alicia JW Takaoka


Greetings, SIG-STI Members!

We now have a complete slate of officers for 2020-21:

Chair: Steve Hardin
Chair-Elect: Yi Bu,
Communications Officer: Yuehua Zhao
Past Chair: Chao Min
Secretary/Treasurer: Alicia Takoka

Now that we have a full slate of officers, let's consider ideas for panels or presentations at next year's Annual Meeting.  The theme is "Information: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Justice, and Relevance."  Scientific and technical information, of course, provides abundant possibilities for presentations along this theme.  Have an idea?  Please let us know! After all, this can be a great publication opportunity for you!

Same goes for webinars about scientific and technical information.  If you have some ideas for topics you'd like covered, or you'd like to be involved with the planning, again, just let us know! ASIS&T Headquarters has made it very easy to set up webinars.

You can respond to this discussion thread or email me directly at And of course you can just use iConnect to start a different discussion too.

This year will, I hope, be both educational and fun for SIG-STI!


Thanks to all for voting in our recent re-run election for SIG-USE.

Please join us in congratulating our incoming officers! Thanks to the candidates and all SIG-USE members for their efforts this past year.

Executive Officers

Chair: Yan Zhang
Chair-Elect: Melissa Ocepek
Immediate Past Chair: Rebekah Willson
Treasurer: Chiyoung Oh
Secretary: Diana Floegel
Communications Officer: Annie Chen
Webmaster: Waseem Afzal

Awards Committee

Co-Chair:Xiaojun (Jenny) Yuan
Co-Chair: Millicent Mabi
Co-Chair: Xiaofeng Li
Member: Kaitlin Costello
Member: Denise Agosto

Symposium Committee

Co-Chair: Leslie Thomson
Co-Chair: Sarah Barriage


Now that the dust has settled from the Annual Meeting, we are happy to announce the new SIG-VIS leadership officers:

Co-Chair: Zack Lischer-Katz
Co-Chair: Jelina Haines

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