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Gain Visibility – Share Your Research

ASIS&T is seeking members to share their research in new webinars for 2021.

Why Should You Submit a Webinar Proposal?

Webinars bring visibility, as well as potential revenue, to chapters and SIGs.

Webinars provide the opportunity for members to share their research and gain feedback from other ASIS&T members.

Webinars provide presenters the opportunity to showcase a product or service that would facilitate the work of other ASIS&T members.


What Kinds of Webinars Is ASIS&T Seeking?

So many ASIS&T members have the expertise to propose and present any of the following webinar topics.  Consider what expertise you could share with your fellow ASIS&T members, and increase your visibility in the field.

  • Discussions led by authors of recently published books in IS on the book topic
  • Introductions and discussions of new and innovative research and methods
  • Demonstrations of products or services that can be applied to benefit ASIS&T members
  • Training on “soft skills,” such as communication, negotiation, and leadership
  • Advice to early careerists on advancing in the profession

If you would like to propose a webinar, please complete the Webinar Proposal form.  For more information, check out our Guidelines and FAQ page.  Please email for questions on webinar proposals.