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SIG News


We have published a new edition of our newsletter for Winter 2021! To read about our new officers and hear from some members about their experiences with work & research during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can do so here.

Additionally, if you would like to read any of the past SIG AH newsletters, you can do so from our website:
SIG-AH Newsletters - Association for Information Science and Technology | ASIS&T

Social Media Accounts

The committee for the SIG AH has been working on our programming for the coming year and in an effort to get the word out, we are rebooting our social media presence! This reboot includes the creation of a new Twitter account for SIG AH as we regretably lost access to the previous account. We encourage you to come follow our new Twitter @asist_sigah, as this account will feature all of our latest news, updates, and calls for participation and the old account will remain dormant.

We also have created a new group in LinkedIn, which we encourage you to join and hope it will become a new forum for sharing news and projects of interest to the SIG AH membership as well as sharing and celebrating the successes and research of our wonderful members. Finally, we still maintain a Facebook page, and while the number of followers there is small, we hope to grow that community as well to offer social media engagement for our members on the social platforms they prefer.

Here are the links to our various accounts:


Hello to our SIG-DL members,

We know how busy everybody is, but we seek an opinion from our members to increase our presence and bring us out from knowledge hibernation. We are thinking of arranging our official leadership meeting next month (1st week of March).

As shared co-chair Peter Organisciak, we hope to extend the discussion to our members and seek your opinions of what we want to achieve this year.


The SIG-KM is going to publish a newsletter in March, 2021. We are inviting our SIG-KM members to share their scholarly activity (academic achievements: conference presentations (accepted/given), publications (accepted/published). We would also like to highlight any news relevant to SIG-KM.

Please send us anything you would like us to share with our community by 20 February, 2021.  Please send your updates to Darra Hofman, Publication Secretary (


On behalf of Dr. Yan Zhang, SIGUSE Chair:

Please join us for the March SIGUSE virtual social hour on March 2nd 1:00-2:00 EST or March 2nd 10:00-11:00AM CET.

We have two times available to try and create more options around time zones and conflicts. Students, faculty, and practitioners are all welcomed. We will chat about experiences of conducting research during COVID-19 in an informal manner (no PPT slides). It will also be a social time for everyone.

Since we cannot share snacks, we want to encourage you have a snack and beverage. With that in mind we recommend this easy scone recipe to bake at your home and virtually share the results!

To avoid Zoom bombings please login to iConnect to see session details and meeting passwords.

We hope to see you there!