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JASIST Volume 72, Issue 5, May 2021

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Topic diversity: A discipline scheme‐free diversity measurement for journals
Yi Bu, Mengyang Li, Weiye Gu, Win‐bin Huang

Describing, organizing, and maintaining video game development artifacts
Claire McDonald, Marc Schmalz, Allee Monheim, Stephen Keating Kelsey, Lewin Frank Cifaldi, Jin Ha Lee

Resonance and the experience of relevance
Ian Ruthven

Orthogonality, dependency, and music: An exploration of the relationships between music facets
Deborah Lee, Lyn Robinson, David Bawden

Authority and priority signals in automatic summary generation for online reputation management
Javier Rodríguez‐Vidal, Jorge Carrillo‐de‐Albornoz, Julio Gonzalo, Laura Plaza

“Heterogeneous couplings”: Operationalizing network perspectives to study science‐society interactions through social media metrics
Rodrigo Costas, Sarah de Rijcke, Noortje Marres

Enhancing keyphrase extraction from microblogs using human reading time
Yingyi Zhang, Chengzhi Zhang

Term position‐based language model for information retrieval
Arezki Hammache, Mohand Boughanem


Transforming public records management: Six key insights
Paula Dootson, Mary Tate, Kevin C. Desouza, Peter Townson


Cinderella's stick: A fairy tale for digital preservation. Tzitzikas, Yiannis, Marketakis, Yiannis.
Rebecca D. Frank