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Member Dues Year Change

The ASIS&T auditors have recommended that ASIS&T move from our current membership renewal system in which all members renew their membership on their anniversary date to a system where all memberships renew in sync with our fiscal year (July-June). This change is necessitated by the fact that the IRS (the US Tax Agency) has created a new rule for membership associations whereby the association must demonstrate that members receive value for their membership that meets or exceeds the dollar value of that membership and this must be broken down month by month for members renewing on varying dates during the year. The association may only recognize the value of dues delivered in any given month. While we can demonstrate that over the course of a year the value of membership is at least as great as dues (because the discount for meeting registration is the amount of dues), to break this down by month with members renewing in varying months would be close to impossible. In addition, standardizing the renewal cycle will be easier for members to keep track of their own dues cycle.

In order to facilitate this transition, we will do the following:

  1. All members who are scheduled to renew in June and July have been set to a July 1 renewal date with no additional proration of dues.
  2. All members who are scheduled to renew in May will be asked to pay for 13-14 months of membership in their May renewal depending on their renewal date.
  3. All members who are scheduled to renew between August 2021 and April 2022 will be invoiced for the number of months membership needed to take them to July, 2022 but given the option to pay for the next year as well so as to minimize the number of dues payments they need to make in a 12-month period.

Those of you scheduled to renew in May will receive your dues invoice in the next couple of days. We'll be communicating directly with each of you to explain your next invoice. We appreciate your patience with us as we go through this transition process.