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JASIST Volume 72, Issue 6, June 2021

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Investigative approaches to researching information technology companies
Daniel Carter, Amelia Acker, Dan Sholler

Collaborative qualitative research at scale: Reflections on 20 years of acquiring global data and making data global
Christine L. Borgman, Morgan F. Wofford, Milena S. Golshan, Peter T. Darch

Whither wilderness? An investigation of technology use by long-distance backpackers
Ed Hyatt, Morgan Harvey, Matthew Pointon, Perla Innocenti

The migration and preservation of six Norwegian municipality record-keeping systems: Lessons learned
Thomas Soedring, Pia Borlund, Markus Helfert

Predicting users' continued engagement in online health communities from the quantity and quality of received support
Xiangyu Wang, Andrew High, Xi Wang, Kang Zhao

On the causal relation between real world activities and emotional expressions of social media users
Seyed Amin Mirlohi Falavarjani, Jelena Jovanovic, Hossein Fani, Ali A. Ghorbani, Zeinab Noorian, Ebrahim Bagheri

Young people's information practices in library makerspaces
Xiaofeng Li

How do multilingual users search? An investigation of query and result list language choices
Ben Steichen, Ryan Lowe

Conjoint analysis of researchers' hidden preferences for bibliometrics, altmetrics, and usage metrics
Steffen Lemke, Athanasios Mazarakis, Isabella Peters


An iSchool approach to data science: Human-centered, socially responsible, and context-driven
Chirag Shah, Theresa Anderson, Loni Hagen, Yin Zhang

JASIST Volume 72, Issue 7, July 2021

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Meaning-making on gender: Deeply meaningful information in a significant life change among transgender people
Aira Huttunen, Terttu Kortelainen

Power in the U.S. political economy: A network analysis
Nishant Malik, David Spencer, Quang Neo Bui

Can loyalty be pursued and achieved? An extended RFD model to understand and predict user loyalty to mobile apps
Chuang Wang, Rongxin Zhou, Matthew K. O. Lee

Predicting essay quality from search and writing behavior
Pertti Vakkari, Michael Völske, Martin Potthast, Matthias Hagen, Benno Stein

Algorithmic labeling in hierarchical classifications of publications: Evaluation of bibliographic fields and term weighting approaches
Peter Sjögårde, Per Ahlgren, Ludo Waltman

Softcite dataset: A dataset of software mentions in biomedical and economic research publications
Caifan Du, Johanna Cohoon, Patrice Lopez, James Howison

An application of media and network multiplexity theory to the structure and perceptions of information environments in hurricane evacuation
Seungyoon Lee, Bailey C. Benedict, Yue ‘Gurt’ Ge, Pamela Murray-Tuite, Satish V. Ukkusuri

How online review richness impacts sales: An attribute substitution perspective
Hang Yin, Shuang Zheng, William Yeoh, Jie Ren

How is science clicked on Twitter? Click metrics for Bitly short links to scientific publications
Zhichao Fang, Rodrigo Costas, Wencan Tian, Xianwen Wang, Paul Wouters

The major life events taxonomy: Social readjustment, social media information sharing, and online network separation during times of life transition
Oliver L. Haimson, Albert J. Carter, Shanley Corvite, Brookelyn Wheeler, Lingbo Wang, Tianxiao Liu, Alexxus Lige