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Voted APPROVE on Withdrawal ISO 21047, Information and documentation – International Standard Text Code (ISTC)


Do you agree with the proposal for withdrawal of ISO 21047?


ISO/TC 46/SC 9 notes the recommendation of ISO/TC 46/SC 9/AHG 2 (ISO TC 46/SC 9/AHG 2/N 18) to withdraw ISO 21047:2007 Information and documentation – International Standard Text Code. It further notes that the appointed registration authority ceased trading some time ago, that attempts to identify a replacement registration authority have not been successful, and that in the absence of a registration authority, existing registrations are inaccessible and new registrations cannot be made. ISO/TC 46/SC 9 resolves to withdraw ISO 21047:2007, Information and documentation –International Standard Text Code (ISTC) and requests its Committee Manager communicate this decision to ISO Central Secretariat.