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JASIST Volume 72, Issue 8, August 2021

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Emerging (information) realities and epistemic injustice
Tami Oliphant

“Striking out on your own”—A study of research information management problems on university campuses
Besiki Stvilia, Dong Joon Lee, Na-eun Han

Ethnicity-based name partitioning for author name disambiguation using supervised machine learning
Jinseok Kim, Jenna Kim, Jason Owen-Smith

Orientation tactics and associated factors in the digital library environment: Comparison between blind and sighted users
Iris Xie, Rakesh Babu, Hyun Seung Lee, Shengang Wang, Tae Hee Lee

Full coverage of a reader's interests in context-based information filtering
Alexandra Dumitrescu, Simone Santini

What makes an idea worth spreading? Language markers of popularity in TED talks by academics and other speakers
Kate MacKrill, Connor Silvester, James W. Pennebaker, Keith J. Petrie

The rise of multiple institutional affiliations in academia
Hanna Hottenrott, Michael E. Rose, Cornelia Lawson

The evolution and shift of research topics and methods in library and information science
Jinxuan Ma, Brady Lund

Knowledge order in an online knowledge community: Group heterogeneity and two paths mediated by group interaction
Jiangnan Qiu, Min Zuo, Jingxian Wang, Chengjie Cai



Engines of order: A mechanology of algorithmic techniques. Rieder, Bernhard. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2020, 352 pp., € 115,00 (hardcover). (ISBN 9789462986190). € 0,00 (PDF). (ISBN 9789048537419).

Ryan Shaw