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JASIST Volume 73, Issue 3, March 2022

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Information asymmetry in Wikipedia across different languages: A statistical analysis

Dwaipayan Roy, Sumit Bhatia, Prateek Jain

Authentic versus synthetic: An investigation of the influences of study settings and task configurations on search behaviors

Yiwei Wang, Chirag Shah

The more, the better? The effect of feedback and user's past successes on idea implementation in open innovation communities

Qian Liu, Zhengfa Yang, Xiaofang Cai, Qianzhou Du, Weiguo Fan

Associations between mastery of life and everyday life information-seeking behavior among older adults: Analysis of the Pew Research Center's information engaged and information wary survey data

Wonchan Choi, Min Sook Park, Yura Lee

Copy theory

Wayne de Fremery, Michael K. Buckland

Are mortgage loan closing delay risks predictable? A predictive analysis using text mining on discussion threads

David M. Goldberg, Nohel Zaman, Arin Brahma, Mariano Aloiso

Sharing information about health-related resources: Observations from a community resource referral intervention trial in a predominantly African American/Black community

Stacy Tessler Lindau, Jennifer A. Makelarski, Emily M. Abramsohn, David G. Beiser, Kelly Boyd, Elbert S. Huang, Kelsey Paradise, Elizabeth L. Tung

Analyzing clarification in asynchronous information-seeking conversations

Leila Tavakoli, Hamed Zamani, Falk Scholer, William Bruce Croft, Mark Sanderson

Defining knowledge workers' creation, description, and storage practices as impact on enterprise content management strategy

Camille Mathieu



Information: A Historical Companion. Ann Blair, Paul Duguid, Anja-Silvia Goeing, and Anthony Grafton Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2021. 904 pp. $65.00 (hardcover). (ISBN: 9780691179544)

Jodi Kearns