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The European Chapter is making a strong contribution to ASIS&T’s 24-Hour Global Conference, 26th-27th April, that will span time zones to bring you a fascinating programme of events.

The final session (at 12.45 BST 27th April) is a panel from the European Chapter and the Africa Chapter: “Creating Connections for Enhancing Collaborative and Professional Development: Opportunities and Challenges”. The panelists are Sheila Webber (European Chapter Chair); Imane Hilal (Africa Chapter Chair); Sophie Rutter (European Chapter Chair-Elect); Grace Msoffe (Africa Chapter Chair-Elect). “In this panel the chairs (Hilal and Webber) and chairs-elect (Msoffe and Rutter) of the Africa and the ASIS&T European Chapters will share their experience of creating connections across disciplinary, physical, cultural, linguistic,and virtual boundaries, and identifying opportunities and challenges. They will also solicit ideas from participants for future collaborations between Chapters.”

The European Chapter was also well represented on the event’s organising committee, with participation from Chapter Committee members Aylin Ilhan and¬†Marton Nemeth, Chapter country representative¬†Anna Maria Tammaro, and past committee member Tamara Heck.