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Governance Update, May 2022

The Board of Directors met on April 4, 2022 via video conference. In attendance were Naresh Agarwal, PhD (President);  Abebe Rorissa, PhD (President-Elect); Brian Detlor, PhD (Past President); Ina Fourie, PhD (Treasurer); Joan Bartlett, PhD; Maria Bonn, PhD; Tina Du, PhD, Anna Maria Tammaro, PhD; Lydia Middleton, MBA, CAE (Executive Director); and Chris Cunningham, PhD (Parliamentarian). Guest in attendance: Deanna Hall, Curator.

The Board discussed the following issues:

Wiley Contract Renewal
Lydia Middleton reported that Wiley has removed the minimum revenue stipulation in its proposed contract renewal. This change could have a significant impact on ASIS&T revenue in the future. The Board instructed Lydia to seek alternative publisher bids.

iJASIST Proposal
The Board reviewed the Publications Committee's updated proposal for a new journal. The proposal stipulates that ASIS&T would commit to funding the editorial cost of a new open access journal. The Board agreed that the scope of a new journal was not yet clear and that the issue should be tabled at the current time.

Professional Development Committee Report
The report was accepted, noting that the Board hopes the first podcast will be produced by August.

Membership Committee Proposal
The Board reviewed a proposal to add new benefits to the Institutional Membership category which would allow academic institutions to offer membership to their bachelors and masters degree students. The Board also discussed how long to offer Tier 2 membership at no cost. SIG-III will be asked to weigh in on this.

Fellowship Proposal
The Awards & Honors Committee put forward a proposal for an ASIS&T Fellows Program. The proposal was approved for launch in the winter of 2023.

Executive Director's Report
Lydia Middleton reported on the state of operations. Finances are on track, the Nominations Committee is meeting, Award selection is in process.

President's Report
Naresh Agarwal reported that he has established a Task Force to look at mentorship within ASIS&T. He is working on having the "About ASIS&T" page translated to various languages for posting on the website. He is working with his New Leader on identifying other associations around the world with which ASIS&T might partner.

Strategic Plan Update
Lydia Middleton reviewed the status on various Strategic Plan initiatives. All of the intitiatives in the Strategic Plan are now either completed, well underway, or in the discussion stages.

Consent Agenda
The consent agenda was approved. It consisted of:

  • Minutes of February 7 Meeting
  • March, 2022 Membership Report
  • March 2022 YTD Income Statement
  • March 2022 Merrill Lynch Statement

Next Board Meeting

The next meeting of the Board will be held as follows:

Monday, June 6, 2022
Via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 826 0918 5080
Passcode: 301495

All members are welcome to attend as observers without voice or vote.