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What’s New in Information Matters- May 2022

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A Stakeholder Perspective: How Do Hot Papers Spread on Twitter?
by Xiaojuan Liu, Chenlin Wang, and Xinmei Wu

Have you been attracted by hot papers on the Internet? Are you curious how they drive their spread on social media? Has anyone promoted them specifically on social media? In their spread chain, what roles do the authors, their fans, journal editors, publishers, and other Internet users play? How do these roles contribute to the diffusion of papers? Are there separate communication channels within different roles? Our research team was very interested in these questions. Read More

The Power and the Pitfalls of Large Language Models: A Fireside Chat with Ricardo Baeza-Yates
by Shalini Urs

Large Language Models: What are they? Have you ever wondered how Google helps you complete your search query by suggesting the next terms of your query? Yes, we know that the autocomplete feature of Google Search makes it convenient to complete searches by generating predictions as we start to type. Large Language Models power this feature. Most people’s encounters with language models start when they see Google doing the Query auto-completion (QAC). Read More

The Future of Big Data Will Be Zero Data
by Daphne Muller

“Can you imagine a world where privacy is leading? No personal advertisements, no cookie pop-ups, and no company owns your data.” According to privacy researcher Daphne Muller, the era of big data will soon come to an end. She gave a talk at TedxVenlo in the Netherlands about how privacy and open source software will replace big tech in the near future.  Read More

Information Science Road Trip 
by Jenna Hartel

Are you in the mood for a multimedia Information Science adventure? If so, let’s go! I recently published the video Information Science Road Trip on my INFIDEOS YouTube channel. Metaphorically speaking, it takes sightseers on a panoramic journey through 10 “big ideas” of Information Science. The big ideas are visited at breakneck speed and the route is loosely chronological over the past century. The destinations are translated and simplified to deliver ah-ha! moments at every turn. Read More