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ARIST, Call for Submissions

The Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST) publishes comprehensive and systematic reviews on topics relevant to information science, computing science, and technology, broadly defined. An ideal ARIST manuscript presents both an historic overview and a discussion of contemporary trends related to the topic being investigated.

The audience for ARIST reviews is diverse, including readers from across various disciplines and professional contexts; reviews are intended to educate, enlighten, and be cited by (for example) doctoral students drafting literature reviews, information professionals applying the latest evidence in practice, or professors summarising research innovations in grant applications.

ARIST welcomes Expressions of Interest for authors to prepare manuscripts of two types:

  1. Updated reviews on topics published previously by ARIST (1966-2011) where recent research demonstrates ongoing or renewed relevance for ARIST’s readership; and,
  2. New and emerging research topics of potential interest to ARIST’s readership, such as:
  • The rise of “big data” and machine learning
  • Social media platforms and social change (e.g., #metoo; #blacklivesmatter)
  • Misinformation and disinformation
  • Implications of COVID-19 on health information seeking
  • Youth engagement with social media platforms (e.g., Tik Tok)


Authors should consider how their review of others’ published works advances our empirical, contextual, conceptual, cultural, computational, sociological, political, and ontological understandings of information and technology. Submissions should cover the core, relevant research on the topic from within the central discipline of study and (where appropriate) across disciplines.

Reviews should include landmark, foundational works, citing key figures in the subject area, alongside innovative, contemporary, and emergent works from new scholars. Reviews must be analytic in nature, rather than purely descriptive, to provide an integrated, thorough review that will advance current understandings of the topic being presented.

Reviews should address methodological or other innovations in study designs, as well as documenting key results and outcomes of cited works. All reviews must reflect ARIST’s mandate to be inclusive of research designs, methodologies, geographic regions, populations, socio-cultural contexts, and epistemological and philosophical approaches.

Submitting your Expression of Interest

Authors should review the Author Guidelines. ARIST encourages co-authorship, including teams of senior and early-career scholars, with authors from diverse backgrounds.

Manuscript submission to ARIST involves a two-step process:

1) Complete the “Expression of Interest – Proposing an ARIST Review” proposal, for consideration by ARIST’s editorial team.

2) Authors of approved Expression of Interest proposals will be invited to write a full manuscript of 10,000-15,000 words to submit for peer review.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.