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New from Information Matters, July 2022

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Towards Responsible AI: Leveraging Multi-partner Engagement—Fireside Chat with Carolyn Watters
by Shalini Urs

The trust deficit is a term bandied about increasingly these days. Trust deficit characterizes the lack of trust for healthy relationships between people and institutions—police, government, academia, science, the press—and this is universal, happening in every corner of the world. Paradoxically the world is getting increasingly complex, interlinked, and layered, and life is almost impossible without trust. When technology has seeped into our... Read More

Designing for Serendipity in Online Knowledge Communities: An Investigation of Tag Presentation Formats and Openness to Experience
by Jiangping Chen

Serendipity, also known as information encountering, is a phenomenon wherein people incidentally discover and obtain interesting and useful information when they do not actively seek it. In the current digital age, people increasingly acquire, share, and create knowledge in online knowledge communities, making these online communities or platforms massive dynamic knowledge bases that...Read More

In Its 90th Year the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Sidelined Information Professionals: Here’s How You Can Help
by Lisa M. Given

In early June, Australia woke to the news that the nation’s public broadcaster (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) was making its librarians and archivists redundant. While journalists relied heavily on the work of information professionals to tell the nation’s stories, reporters, producers, and photographers would now be required to archive their own materials, assign...Read More

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