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New From Information Matters, September 2022

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Tips for Library Staff to Help Promote User Education in School Libraries
by Sigy George

As school librarians, we play an important role in promoting user education. User education is the process of teaching users how to effectively use library resources and services. It’s important because it helps students get the most out of the library and its resources. By teaching users how to find, evaluate, and use information, librarians can empower them to be lifelong learners. Read More

Ethical Dilemma in Artificial Intelligence: A Focus on Natural Language Processing Bias
by Oladipo Sunday

The human race and communication are inseparable. From oral communication to written communications, man has attained mastery in a lot of ways. However, the need for translating this success to machines so we can conveniently communicate man to machine and machine to man in real time has created Natural Language Processing. Read More

Building Socio-technical Resilience in Software Development: Experiences from The Motivating Jenny Project- A Fireside Chat with Helen Sharp
by Shalini Urs

Software is everywhere and drives every part of everything we do. The software makes our everyday work easier and simplifies our daily lives. So it is easy to understand their dominance in today’s software-driven world—from NASA’s James Webb Telescope to handheld devices that we are glued into. The software appears to be firmly in the driver’s seat, pervading every aspect of human life... Read More