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Upcoming Changes to Tier 2 Membership

Tier 2 Membership has resulted in a significant increase in the size and scope of ASIS&T membership. In less than a year, the ASIS&T membership grew by 65% and today the majority of ASIS&T members are from outside the United States.

While this membership model, which offers free membership to individuals in seventy-eight developing countries has allowed us to expand scope and diversity, it is not something that we can financially sustain in perpetuity. The Membership Committee examined the sustainability of this membership structure and made a recommendation to the Board in August to limit the total complimentary membership period for Tier 2 members to 2 years. At the conclusion of two years, members will be billed for the coming year at a rate of $25 for Professionals, $15 for Early Career, and $5 for students.

A scholarship fund will be made availabile for those individuals who can demonstrate that they are unable to pay the dues due to either financial hardship or banking difficulities in their country.

The first Tier 2 members joined ASIS&T in February of 2022 so those members can anticipate an invoice for the remainder of the 2022-23 membership year in February of 2023.