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Voted YES on Create a NISO Recommended Practice to Optimize Collaborate Collections Lifecycle Activities


Networks of libraries have a long tradition of working together to expand their resources and provide more comprehensive coverage across all subjects through sharing of resources. More recently, larger networks of institutions have explored wider adoption of cooperative collections management, which this project defines as a process by which networks of institutions work collaboratively to acquire, manage, circulate, and preserve collections across the network. This exploration may include shared infrastructure for patron discovery, fulfillment, analytics, and models for collaboration and organizational decision making. 

The Collaborative Collections Lifecycle Project (CCLP) seeks to overcome serious barriers to wider implementations, several of which have been observed, including the lack of available vendor-neutral interoperable systems, adequate governance and decision-making frameworks, and assessment tools. This work item, proposing a specific infrastructure project, “CCLIP,” particularly addresses the lack of data exchange standards, applicable to the development of a new research library ecosystem where networks of institutions and experts can collaborate across systems to more effectively serve their just-in-case and just-in-time patrons’ needs, while avoiding duplication of effort in their acquisitions and deployment of resources. 

The NISO CCLIP Working Group will develop a NISO Recommended Practice that will support the flow of data about distinct library collections. The Recommended Practice will document exchange protocols that will describe gathering, normalizing, and exchanging holdings information, contractual information, retention obligations, and usage d