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Time: 16:00-17:00, October 30, 2022(GMT+8)
Meeting Room: Zoom
Participants: Yuelin Li, Chang Liu, Yuxiang Chris Zhao, Shaobo Liang, Qiao Li, Zhenjia Fan

Recorded by Zhenjia Fan

Key points:

(1) Discuss and determine the time, form, and manuscript forms of the meeting: meeting date Dec.17-18, online meeting; submission DDL Nov.15; notice before Nov.25; camera-ready submission Nov.30; long paper, short paper and poster accepted, both in Chinese and English;

(2) Invited speeches: we should invite speakers from different areas of AP.

(3) Tasks:
Yue Lin, Chang, Chris invite speakers;
Yuelin: contact the ASIST secretary (Pamela) to introduce Qiao; tell Safirotu to communicate about registration and finance and to invite Indonesian speaker
Shaobo: Update CFP; Email correction; Update date and meeting format, and the final version will be officially released;
Zhenjia: diffusion of new CFP; follow-up of new progress.

(4) Regular communication mechanism (every Sunday)