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New From Information Matters, November 2022

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Pulling the Curtain from AI Illusions
by Chirag Shah

Have you ever seen a magic show, or more precisely, an illusion on stage? The whole point of a staged illusion is to look utterly convincing, to make whatever is happening on stage seem so thoroughly real that the average audience member would have no way of figuring out how the illusion works. If you went to a show like this, you at least know that it was a staged performance, even though your mind may be struggling to explain how a person was sawed in half and put back together without... Read More

Why Does Data Quality Matter? How to Evaluate and Improve Data Quality for Machine Learning Systems
by Haihua Chen

Data science (DS) and artificial intelligence (AI) have been substantial in practically all aspects of our society, including life, companies, and employment. It is projected that they will most likely have an even greater impact within the next several decades (Makridakis, 2017). With data as the infrastructure, and...Read More

Collaborative Sensemaking: The Starting Point of Intelligent Information Use by Teams and Groups
by Pengyi Zhang

“What do people do with the information they have found?” Information behavior research has made much progress in information seeking, but relatively less in information use. This is perhaps due to the diverse work tasks that information is used for, ranging from simple factual question answering to complex tasks such as learning, problem-solving, decision-making, planning...Read More