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New From JASIST, November 2022

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JASIST Volume 73, Issue 11, November 2022

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Classifying papers into subfields using Abstracts, Titles, Keywords and KeyWords Plus through pattern detection and optimization procedures: An application in Physics
Gerson Pech, Catarina Delgado, Silvio Paolo Sorella

The second US presidential social media transition: How private platforms impact the digital preservation of public records
Adam Kriesberg, Amelia Acker

Personal information management burden: A framework for describing nonwork personal information management in the context of inequality
Amber L. Cushing, Páraic Kerrigan

Social media engagement and crowdfunding performance: The moderating role of product type and entrepreneurs' characteristics
Chang Heon Lee, J. Leon Zhao

Records, trust, and misinformation: Using birtherism to understand the influence of conspiracy theories on human information interactions
Devan Ray Donaldson, Colin Bradley LeFevre

“Death of social encounters”: Investigating COVID-19's initial impact on virtual reference services in academic libraries
Marie L. Radford, Laura Costello, Kaitlin E. Montague

Rethinking the open access citation advantage: Evidence from the “reverse-flipping” journals
Wei Ming, Zhenyue Zhao

Information practices of administrators for controlling information in an online community of new mothers in rural America
Devendra Potnis, Macy Halladay

The effectiveness of flagging content belonging to prominent individuals: The case of Donald Trump on Twitter
Wallace Chipidza, Jie (Kevin) Yan


Information: A reader. Eric Hayot, Anatoly Detwyler, Lea Pao. New York: Columbia University Press, 2021. 384 pp. $110.00 (hardcover). (ISBN: 9780231186209)
Lai Ma

JASIST Volume 73, Issue 10, October 2022

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The emerging science of content labeling: Contextualizing social media content moderation
Garrett Morrow, Briony Swire-Thompson, Jessica Montgomery Polny, Matthew Kopec, John P. Wihbey


Community-led digital literacy training: Toward a conceptual framework
Brian Detlor, Heidi Julien, Tara La Rose, Alexander Serenko

Designing for serendipity in online knowledge communities: An investigation of tag presentation formats and openness to experience
Chunxiu Qin, Yaxi Liu, Xubu Ma, Jiangping Chen, Huigang Liang

Internationally mobile scientists as knowledge transmitters: A lexical-based approach to detect knowledge transfer
Valeria Aman

How do properties of data, their curation, and their funding relate to reuse?
Libby Hemphill, Amy Pienta, Sara Lafia, Dharma Akmon, David A. Bleckley

Making newsworthy news: The integral role of creativity and verification in the human information behavior that drives news story creation
Marisela Gutierrez Lopez, Stephann Makri, Andrew MacFarlane, Colin Porlezza, Glenda Cooper, Sondess Missaoui

FAIR: Fairness-aware information retrieval evaluation
Ruoyuan Gao, Yingqiang Ge, Chirag Shah

Toward openness and transparency to better facilitate knowledge creation
Simon Mahony

Team power dynamics and team impact: New perspectives on scientific collaboration using career age as a proxy for team power
Huimin Xu, Yi Bu, Meijun Liu, Chenwei Zhang, Mengyi Sun, Yi Zhang, Eric Meyer, Eduardo Salas, Ying Ding


Algorithms and autonomy: The ethics of automated decision systems. Rubel, Alan Castro, Clinton Pham, Adam Cambridge University Press, 2021. 206 pp. £ 29.99 (paperback). (9781108795395)
Madelyn Rose Sanfilippo