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Voted CONFIRM with Comments on Systematic Review – ISO 27730, Information and documentation – International standard collection identifier (ISCI)


This International Standard establishes the specifications for the International Standard Collection Identifier (ISCI) as a unique international identification system for each collection, fonds and (archival) series, and part(s) of collections, fonds and series. This International Standard establishes the specificaitons for the structure of an identifier and promotes the use of the identifier with regard to identifying systems taht already exist. It also gives a list of recommended metadata elements that describe a collection.

This International Standard does not specify the description of collections, fonds and series, nor the relationships between collections and sub-collections.

The ISCI is intended for use by organizations that manage collections of cultural materials.


metadata issue: section 5.2.2 lists dcmitype:Collection as the element match for Type; dcmitype:Collection is actually a class, not an element. The element here is dc:type, while the value is dcmitype:Collection)

Comments provided by Brian Dobreski