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Doing Interdisciplinary Science: from Complex Systems to Computational Biology to Climate Change—Fireside Chat with Gautam Menon
Shalini Urs

“Medicine is a social science, and politics nothing but medicine at a larger scale.”—Rudolph Virchow (1821–1902). This famous quote by Virchow, who was convinced that social inequality was a root cause of ill health and that medicine, therefore, had to be social science, foregrounds the argument for bringing diverse perspectives to help understand the world’s challenges today. Virchow argued in his book Cellular Pathology (1858) that the human body was ...Read More

Gender Differences in Travel Vlog Information Preferences
Ruwen Tian, Wenyi Cheng, Dickson K.W. Chiu

What do people like to look at in travel vlogs? Do men and women seek different travel information? Do people share travel vlogs? We have investigated the impact of travel vlogs on tourists’ decision-making (e.g., about travel destinations, excursion activities, etc.), particularly concerning the types of information they prefer and the gender difference characteristics contained therein (Cheng et al., 2023). In this study, travel vlogs refer to videos that travelers post on various online platforms, such as YouTube, to document their travel experiences. Read More

Bibliotherapy in School and the Role of School Librarians
Sigy George

What is Bibliotherapy? Bibliotherapy is a type of therapy that makes use of literature to assist clients in resolving emotional, interpersonal, or behavioural issues. It is a strategy for using reading to advance mental health and wellbeing. From private consultations with a mental health expert to reading circles facilitated by a school librarian, bibliotherapy can take many different forms. The books used in bibliotherapy are specifically selected to address the issues that the individual or group is dealing with. Read More