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New from JASIST, May 2023

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JASIST Volume 74, Issue 6, June 2023
Special Issue: Data Science in the iField
Issue Edited by: Yin Zhang, Ii-Yeol Song, Theresa Anderson, Dan Wu

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About JASIST special issue on “Data Science in the iField”
Yin Zhang, Il-Yeol Song, Theresa Anderson, Dan Wu



Evolution of data science and its education in iSchools: An impressionistic study using curriculum analysis
Shalini R. Urs, Mohamed Minhaj


What should we teach? A human-centered data science graduate curriculum model design for iField schools
Dan Wu, Hao Xu, Yaqi Sun, Siyu Lv


Data science curriculum in the iField
Yin Zhang, Dan Wu, Loni Hagen, Il-Yeol Song, Javed Mostafa, Sam Oh, Theresa Anderson, Chirag Shah, Bradley Wade Bishop, Frank Hopfgartner, Kai Eckert, Lisa Federer, Jeffrey S. Saltz


Constructing categories: Moving beyond protected classes in algorithmic fairness
Clara Belitz, Jaclyn Ocumpaugh, Steven Ritter, Ryan S. Baker, Stephen E. Fancsali, Nigel Bosch


An expert-in-the-loop method for domain-specific document categorization based on small training data
Kanyao Han, Rezvaneh Rezapour, Katia Nakamura, Dikshya Devkota, Daniel C. Miller, Jana Diesner


Making sense of the black-boxes: Toward interpretable text classification using deep learning models
Jie Tao, Lina Zhou, Kevin Hickey


The research data life cycle, legacy data, and dilemmas in research data management
Jenny Bossaller, Anthony J. Million


Information organization and representation in digital cultural heritage in Brazil: Systematic mapping of information infrastructure in digital collections for data science applications
Dalton Lopes Martins, Daniela Lucas da Silva Lemos, Luis Felipe Rosa de Oliveira, Joyce Siqueira, Danielle do Carmo, Vinicius Nunes Medeiros


A feeling for the data: How government and nonprofit stakeholders negotiate value conflicts in data science approaches to ending homelessness
Stephen C. Slota, Kenneth R. Fleischmann, Min Kyung Lee, Sherri R. Greenberg, Ishan Nigam, Tara Zimmerman, Sarah Rodriguez, James Snow