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Information Access – Did You Know?

Did you know one of your member benefits is free access to all ASIS&T webinars? You can attend live and or on-demand to learn more about interesting topics. Check out some of the 2023 webinars for some fascinating presentations on topics including Social Media Analytics, Critical Data Modeling, Health Information, SQL, Information Visualization and how to get published in ASIS&T’s publications center.

Our most recent webinar Meet the Authors: Law and Policy for the Quantum Age, was thought-provoking, exciting, and a little scary.

Did you know:

  • MRIs are one of the early quantum sensing machines?
  • You can buy a GPS jammer at Walmart, how they are currently used, and why quantum technologies could make them irrelevant?
  • Photons aren’t just for Star Trek but may exist in the future of secure communications and silent radar?
  • How quantum technologies might play a part in any future conflicts over Taiwan?

Are quantum technologies being discussed in classes/school? Feel free to start a thread on Open Forum to hear how others are tackling this complex topic.

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