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Voted YES on NISO Z39.2022-202X,STS Standards Tag Suite


This voting pool is to approve the publication of the revised standard NISO Z39.102-202X, STS: Standards Tag Suite, as an American National Standard.

The Standards Tag Suite (STS) provides a common XML format that developers, publishers, and distributors of standards, including national standards bodies, regional and international standards bodies, and standards development organizations, can use to publish and exchange full-text content and metadata of standards. STS is based on ANSI/NISO Z39.96 (JATS). Structures are provided to encode both the normative and non-normative content of: standards, adoptions of standards, and standards-like documents that are produced by standards organizations.

For reference:
This is the second edition of this standard. NISO STS, including the element and attribute descriptions and the two standards tag sets, have been extended based on user experience, public comments, and incorporating applicable modifications that have been made to JATS 1.3. NISO STS 1.2, this version, is fully backward compatible with the previous version of this standard, NISO STS 1.0, and with ISO STS versions 1.1 and 1.0. That is, any document valid to ISO STS 1.1 or to NISO STS 1.0 will be valid to NISO STS 1.2, by changing only the document type declaration (or other schema identification mechanism).

[It is called “JATS 1.2” because ISO STS 1.1–a separate/earlier work–already exists and the Standing Committee wished to try to avoid confusion.]