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AI for Information Access: How Do We Do It Responsibly?

Webinar on AI for Information Access: How Do We Do It Responsibly?

11 AM (EST) – 20 March 2024

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Over the last several years, AI-driven informational systems have proliferated around us. The pace at which AI is getting integrated in search, recommendation, and decision-support systems has quickened recently. Many of these are built on hopes and hypes of what AI could deliver, but it is not always clear when or if a real value to individuals and society is provided that justifies the risks we take in building and delivering such solutions. We are at a crossroad where we have important choices to make that will impact many aspects of our lives in profound ways:

    • LO1: Can we overcome the challenges posed by applying AI solutions and leverage their potential for all of us?
    • LO2: Can we mitigate risks and harms enough to bring the reward-to-risk ratio high enough for various areas like education, healthcare, and information access?
    • LO3: Can we do this right? Providing examples of accessibility, education, healthcare, and policy

Resource Person:

Chirag Shah is Professor of Information and Computer Science at University of Washington (UW) in Seattle. He is the Founding Director for InfoSeeking Lab and Founding Co-Director of Center for Responsibility in AI Systems & Experiences (RAISE). The most recent engagements included Amazon, Getty Images, Microsoft Research, and Spotify