This ProQuest (formerly UMI, University Microfilms International) sponsored award recognizes outstanding recent doctoral candidates whose research contributes significantly to an understanding of some aspect of information science.  ProQuest contributes $1000 to the winner as well as travel expenses to the ASIS&T Annual Meeting.  Read the award guidelines for more information.

Past recipients of the ProQuest Doctoral Dissertation Award:

2018Olle Skold
Documenting Videogame Communities
2017Dr. Sarah A. Buchanan
A Provenance Research Study of Archaeological Curation Dr. Sarah A. Buchanan
2016Steffen Hennicke
What is the Real Question? An Empirical-Ontological Approach to the Interpretative Analysis of Archival Reference Questions
2015Chris Cunningham
Governmental Structures, Social Inclusion, and the Digital Divide: A Discourse on the Affinity Between the Effects of Freedom and Access to Online Information Resources
2014Amelia Acker
Born Networked Records: A History of the Short Message Service Format 
2013Sebastian K. Boell
Theorizing Information and Information Systems
2012Jaime Snyder
Image-Enabled Discourse: Investgating the Creation of Visual Information as Communicative Practice
2011Shelagh K. Genuis
Making Sense of Evolving Health Information: Navigating Uncertainty in Everyday Life
2010Alberto Pepe
Structure and Evolution of Scientific Collaboration Networks in Modern Research Collaboratory
2009Luanne Freund
Exploiting Task-Document Relations in Support of Information Retrieval in the Workplace
2008Eric Meyer
Socio-Technical Perspectives on Digital Photography
2007W. John MacMullen
Contextual Analysis of Variation and Quality in Human-curated Gene Ontology Annotations
2006Vivien Petras
Translating Dialects in Search: Mapping between Specialized Languages of Discourse and Documentary Languages
2005Weiping Yue
Predicting the Citation Impact of Clinical Neurology Journals Using Structural Equation Modeling with Partial Least Squares
2004Lennart Bjorneborn
Small-World Link Structures Across an Academic Web Space: A Library and Information Science Approach
2003Anne Diekema (Syracuse University)
Translation Events in Cross-Language Information Retrieval:Lexical Ambiguity, Lexical Holes, Vocabulary Mismatch, and Correct Translations
2002Pamela Savage Knepshield
Mental Models: Issues in Construction, Congruency and Cognition
2001Allison Powell
Database Selection in Distributed Information Retrieval: A Study of Multi-Collection Information Retrieval
2000Daniel Dorner
Determining Essential Services on the Canadian Information Highway: An Exploratory Study of the Public Policy Process
1999Jacqueline Algon (Rutgers University)
The Effect of Task on the Information Related Behaviors of Individuals in Work-Group Environment
1998Tomas A. Lipinski (University of Milwaukee)
The Communication of Law in the Digital Environment: Stability and Change within the Concept of Precedent
1997Harry Bruce (University of New South Wales)
A User-Oriented View of Internet as Information Infrastructure
1996Howard Rosenbaum (Syracuse University)
Managers and information in organizations: Towards a structurational concept of the information use environment of managers