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The ASIS&T Award for Research in Information Science was established in 1984 and is administered by the ASIS&T Awards & Honors Committee.

1. Nature of the Award 

1.1 The award shall consist of a plaque to be presented to the winner(s) by the ASIS&T President at the banquet of the ASIS&T annual meeting.

1.2 The winner(s) shall be given the opportunity to publish and/or present a summary /assessment of the work in the area of the award at the ASIS&T annual meeting.

2. Purpose of the Award

2.1 The purpose of the award is to recognize an individual or individuals for an outstanding research contribution in the field of information science.

The award is intended to be for achievements that have significant impact in the field.

2.2 Scope:  The award is for a systematic “program of research” in a single area at a level beyond the single study, but not at the level of a lifetime’s work.

3. Eligibility

3.1 Persons involved in information science research or developmental programs which include research are eligible for the award.

3.2 The award is to be made for individual(s), not organizations.

3.3 Persons need not be members of ASIS&T to be eligible.

3.4 Those who have received the Award of Merit are not eligible for this award.

4. Administration

4.1 The ASIS&T Award for Research in Information Science is sponsored by the Society-at-Large and is administered by the Awards & Honors Committee.

5. Nominations

5.1 Nominations for the award shall be sought annually by the Award Nominations Committee. They may come from any source and be sought by publicity through appropriate media. Nominations may be submitted by any member of ASIS&T, including the members of the Award Nominations Committee.

5.2 The call for nominations shall appear in the Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology and be announced on the ASIS&T listserv. Publicity through other appropriate media are encouraged.

5.3 The nomination package shall consist of the following:
(a) Nominating letter, stating why the candidate deserves the award;
(b) The name, address, and phone number of the person making the nomination;
(c) The name, address, and phone number of the candidate for the award;
(d) The nomination statement (200-500 words);
(e) Three to five supporting documents, such as publications authored by the nominee; and
(f) No more than three letters of support.

5.4 Any nominees not selected in a particular year will automatically be retained in the candidate pool for the next two years.

6. Jury Committee

6.1 The ASIS&T Award for Research in Information Science Jury shall be composed of seven members appointed by the Awards and Honors Committee.

6.2 Each member of the Jury shall be appointed for a term of three years, with new members added each year to replace those whose terms have expired.

6.3 The Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee shall appoint the Jury Chair from among those entering their third year.

6.4 If one of the members of the Jury is nominated for the award, the Chair of the Awards and Honors committee shall appoint a temporary replacement for that juror for that year.

6.5 Members of the Jury may not be reappointed to a successive three-year term.

7. Selection of the Awardee

7.1 The Jury Chair shall assign one or more members of the Jury to each nomination based on the subject-matter expertise of the member(s). If the subject matter is not in the domain of any member of the Jury, a Jury member will be assigned to seek outside expertise for the evaluation so that the voting procedure can progress as outlined below.

7.2 The Jury member(s) thus assigned shall:
(a) Review the nomination statement;
(b) Seek opinions and other relevant information supporting the nomination;
(c) Review the candidates accomplishments and provide a short written summary for consideration by the full Jury, including the evaluation of research achievement of the nominee; and
(d) Submit the review and summary to the Jury Chair.

7.3 The Jury Chair shall distribute copies of all nominations, review summaries, and ranking forms to all members of the Jury.

7.4 Each member of the Jury shall vote yes or no on whether the nominee should be chosen and shall rank all nominees in order, with the first choice ranked 1, the second 2, etc.

7.5 If at least three of the jurors vote no, the award shall not be given. Other wise, the Jury Chair shall total all the rankings and declare the recipient to be that nominee with the lowest total, provided the nominee shall have received two first-place votes.

7.6 In the event that no nominee can be declared the awardee, the Jury Chair shall announce the result to the Jury and repeat the polling of the Jury until a single awardee is determined.

7.7 The Jury Chair shall communicate the Jury’s decision to the ASIS President, the Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee, and the ASIS&T Executive Director.

7.8 The Jury Chair shall provide a 50-250 word abstract, stating why the award was given. This abstract will be used to publicize the award. Material for this abstract can be taken from the voting rationales provided by the members of the Jury.

7.9 The Jury Chair shall submit the nomination packets and the results of jury deliberations to ASIS&T Headquarters, after selection of the awardee(s) has been completed.

8. Presentation of the Award

8.1 The award shall be announced at the opening plenary session of the ASIS&T Annual Meeting; with the cooperation of the Chair of the Technical Program, the honoree may publish and/or present an invited paper summarizing his/her research work in the area of the award.

8.2 The award shall be presented to the winner(s) by the ASIS&T President at the banquet of the annual meeting of the Society.

9. Publicity

9.1 The award shall be publicized through the Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology and the Association website. In addition, press releases will be sent to the winner’s employer and local newspapers and other people/agencies suggested by the winner. Publicity is the responsibility of ASIS&T Headquarters.

10. Deadlines

10. 1 Appointments to the Jury Committee shall be made in advance of the award year and not later than the start of the ASIS&T annual meeting.

10.2 Nominations must be submitted to ASIS&T Headquarters by June 15. All nominations submitted shall be acknowledged upon receipt.

10.3 Selection shall be made and the ASIS&T President, the chair of the Awards & Honors Committee and the ASIS&T Executive Director shall be notified by August 1.

[Approved by Board: 10/31/91] [revised 5/95][revised 5/96][revised 11/15]