Established in 1991 to recognize the service of an individual to a particular Special Interest Group.  It is given for significant contributions to the membership of the SIG through participation in and support of its meetings and publications; fundraising; recruitment; or other significant activities.

Past recipients of SIG Member of the Year:

2017Arjun Sabharwal (AH & VIS)
2016Alyson Gamble (DL)
2015Gary Burnett (USE) & Jeremy McLaughlin (AH)
2014Abebe Rorissa (III)
2013Judit Bar-Ilan (MET)
2012Karen Miller (ED)
2011Diane Neal (CR)
2010Barrie Hayes (DL)
2009Ingrid Hsieh-Yee (USE)
2008Karen Fisher (USE)
2005Yin Zhang (III)
2003Sue O. Johnson (III)
2002Joette Stefl-Mabry (HCI)
2001Suzie Allard (DL)
2000Bahaa El-Hadidy (III)
1999Robert Williams (HFIS)
1996Ray Schwartz (CR)
1995Robert Gresehover (MGT) and Merri Beth Lavagnino (LAN)
1994Roberta Kaplan (MGT) and Michael Buckland (FIS)
1993Julie M. Hurd (STI)
1992Joseph Busch (AH)