Established in 1991 to recognize the service of an individual to a particular Special Interest Group.  It is given for significant contributions to the membership of the SIG through participation in and support of its meetings and publications; fundraising; recruitment; or other significant activities.

Past recipients of SIG Member of the Year:

2017    Arjun Sabharwal (AH & VIS)
2016    Alyson Gamble (DL)
2015    Gary Burnett (USE) & Jeremy McLaughlin (AH)
2014    Abebe Rorissa (III)
2013    Judit Bar-Ilan (MET)
2012    Karen Miller (ED)
2011    Diane Neal (CR)
2010    Barrie Hayes (DL)
2009    Ingrid Hsieh-Yee (USE)
2008    Karen Fisher (USE)
2005    Yin Zhang (III)
2003    Sue O. Johnson (III)
2002    Joette Stefl-Mabry (HCI)
2001    Suzie Allard (DL)
2000    Bahaa El-Hadidy (III)
1999    Robert Williams (HFIS)
1996    Ray Schwartz (CR)
1995    Robert Gresehover (MGT) and Merri Beth Lavagnino (LAN)
1994    Roberta Kaplan (MGT) and Michael Buckland (FIS)
1993    Julie M. Hurd (STI)
1992    Joseph Busch (AH)