The SIG of  the Year Award was established in 1975 to recognize a Special Interest Group’s professional accomplishments that reflect a major impact on the field of information science.

Past recipients of the SIG of the Year Award:

2017Visualization, Images, & Sound (VIS)
2016Metrics (MET)
2015Arts & Humanities (AH)
2014Digital Libraries (DL)
2013History & Foundation of Information Science (HFIS)
2012Education (ED), Metrics (MET)
2011Digital Libraries (DL)
2010Information Needs, Seeking and Use (USE)
2009International Information Issues (III)
2008Information Needs, Seeking and Use (USE)
2008International Information Issues (III)
2007International Information Issues (III)
2005Digital Libraries (DL)
2004International Information Issues (III)
2003International Information Issues (III)
2002Scientific & Technical Information Systems (STI)
2002Information Needs, Seeking and Use (USE)
2001International Information Issues (III)
1999Scientific & Technical Information Systems (STI)
1997International Information Issues (III)
1996International Information Issues (III)
1995Medical Informatics (MED)
1994International Information Issues (III)
1993Classification Research (CR)
1992Classification Research (CR)
1991Library Automation & Networks (LAN)
1990International Information Issues (III)
1989Classification Research (CR)
1988International Information Issues (III)
1987Classification Research (CR)
1986Medical Information Systems (MED)
1985Medical Information Systems (MED)
1984Behavioral & Social Sciences (BSS)
1983Medical Information Systems (MED)
1982Classification Research (CR)
1981International Information Issues (III)
1980International Information Issues (III)
1979Education for Information Science (ED)
1978Energy and Environmental Information (EEI)
1977Library Automation & Networks (LAN)
1976Library Automation & Networks (LAN)
1975Public-Private Interface (PPI)
1974Education for Information Science (ED)
1973Biological & Chemical Information Systems (BC)