Established in 1986, the annual Student Chapter of the Year Award recognizes outstanding Student Chapters for their participation in and contributions to ASIS&T and the advancement of information science.

Past recipients of the Student Chapter of the Year Award:

2015    San Jose State University
2014    Simmons College
2013    Simmons College, University of Denver
2012    San Jose University
2011    Simmons College
2010    Simmons College
2009    University of Washington
2008    University of Washington & European Student Chapter
2007    Simmons College & University of California, Los Angeles
2006    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2005    Simmons College & University of Washington
2004    University of Washington
2003    University of Washington
2002    Simmons College
2001    Simmons College
2000    Simmons College
1998    Rutgers University & University of Hawaii
1997    University of Washington
1996    University of Washington
1995    University of California, Los Angeles
1994    University of North Texas
1993    University of Washington
1992    University of Michigan & University of Washington
1991    Indiana University
1990    Indiana University
1989    Drexel University
1988    National Taipei University
1987    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign