Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan

Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan

Full Professor of Information & Communication Studies
School of Communication & Journalism (EJCAM)
Aix-Marseille University – Marseille FRANCE

I attended my first ASIS&T Annual Meeting in 2009 in Vancouver as an Associate Professor in Information Studies. ASIS&T gives special attention to its new members and first conference attendees by staging a New Members’ Brunch. During that brunch, I was rubbing shoulders with past and present ASIS&T presidents and renowned information science scholars. That made a deeply positive impression on me and left me wanting to come back for more. I had been attending other conferences elsewhere in other learned societies where nothing like that ever took place.

As I got more involved in ASIS&T, I realised how it has an open and encouraging atmosphere where everyone can have a place and a voice, provided you’re not too shy to come forward to volunteer. I have never won so many awards and received more certificates in a short span of time in my entire life!

ASIS&T has enabled me to build a vast international network which has given me a definite advantage in setting up collaborations for funded project proposals and for setting up student exchange agreements with foreign universities. In conversations with colleagues in my home institution, being able to say, “I know colleagues from universities in Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, US, Canada, Spain, Taiwan, China, Brazil and so on” and “I can invite them to an event that we are hosting, we can establish a pedagogical or scientific cooperation” certainly enhances my scientific and professional value.

My research has also greatly benefitted from ASIS&T’s publications and its Annual Meetings. It there that I meet some of the high profile and well known researchers in information studies who have inspired me and with whom I have co-authored papers and book chapters. Being a member of an international and learned society that is the number 1 society in its field has given me a clear scientific edge.

ASIS&T’s strategic value is unquestionable for professors and researchers who wish to broaden their horizon and attain national and international recognition. So why wait? Join ASIS&T today!