Committee Purpose

The role of the REC is to develop initiatives that focus on research engagement activities across the life-cycle of research work.

2018-19 Committee Members

Chair:  tbd
Vice-Chair: tbd
Board Liaison: Soo Young Rieh, PhD | University of Michigan
Staff Liaison: Lydia Middleton | ASIS&T | Executive Director

Role of the Committee
  • The REC is responsible for fostering engagement with both members and external beneficiaries at various stages of research, not only at the dissemination stage.
  • The REC aims to guide the development of various activities that address members’ research needs, including, for example, mentoring in grant writing and publishing, partnering with industry or community, and developing commercialisation strategies for research. The REC will also guide the establishment and maintenance of a range of dissemination strategies for members to share research results with scholarly and practitioner communities.
  • The work of the REC will be on high, strategic-level work to guide the development of, for example:
    • The ASIS&T brand as a leader in information science research engagement;
    • Information science publications, such as new journals and monograph series;
    • Research-related dissemination and engagement activities;
    • Networking/collaborative opportunities between researchers and practitioners; and,
    • Other strategic initiatives to inform evidence-based practice change and/or the dissemination of information science research, globally.
  • The Committee will identify potential nominees for the Research in Information Science Award, the Best Information Science Book Award and the Best JASIST Article Award and will encourage nominations for the Award.

Guiding Document(s)

Professional Development Committee Terms of Reference

The ASIS&T community is committed to the values of diversity and inclusion, which we believe support our efforts to achieve and sustain excellence in the information science and technology field. We believe that we can best promote excellence by engaging diverse group members and other stakeholders, and providing opportunities at all levels of engagement for any individual or group that shares these values. ASIS&T leaders, volunteers, and staff will strive to keep diversity and inclusion at the forefront of all program planning and development efforts in order to ensure the most welcoming and engaging environment possible for our stakeholders.