Last updated 1/9/2019

  1. Ballot on nomination of 2 rotating members of ISO 3166/MA
    Voted for


    for nomination for 2 rotating memberships on the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency


    Which two (2) countries do you select to serve on the ISO 3166/MA?


    Following the call for P-NMB wanting to participate in ISO 3166/MA – document N2747 dated 2018-10-23 – we received the following five candidatures: from Australia (SA), China (SAC), Japan (JISC), Kenya (KEBS) and Spain (UNE).
    A new consultation is now open to approve the nomination of two rotating members amongst those who expressed their interest in becoming member of the ISO 3166/MA for a 2-year mandate (20192020) in accordance with subclause Rotating ISO Pmembers of the Terms of reference for the maintenance of ISO 3166. Australia won’t be included in the possibilities as SA is already a rotating member until the end of 2019.


    SA and SCC (Canada) are rotating members for 2018-2019. JISC and SAC were rotating members in 2016-2018. KEBS was rotating member in 2016-2017. AFNOR, ANSI, BSI, DIN and SIS are the permanent member bodies.

  2. Voted YES on Resolution to Disband ISO/TC46/SC10/WG3


    Do you agree with the disbandment of ISO/TC46/SC10/WG3 according to the ISO Directives Part 1?


    As no project is being developed under ISO/TC 46/SC 10/WG 3, “Holdings Management”, the WG needs to be disbanded by the decision of the committee in accordance with subclause 1.12.4 of the ISO/IEC Directives part 1.

  3. Voted YES on Resolution Disbanding TC46/SC8 WG 8 and WG9


    Do you agree to the proposed resolution to disband TC46/SC8 WG8 and WG9?


    TC46 SC8 is proposing resolutions to disband two of their working groups – WG8 and WG9 since there is no work for them to do.