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Chapter Activity Report Instructions

This template was designed to assist chapters in promoting their chapter as well as ASIS&T. Certain slides are blank for a chapter to customize the slide with their information. Please note that if someone from ASIS&T (e.g. Board President) is presenting, there are slides that can/should be deleted to avoid redundancy. You should work with the ASIS&T presenter on which slides they will speak on and which you should keep. Those slides that talk about ASIS&T are not to be changed. Nor is the design of the overall presentation to change. These must remain in order to be consistent with our branding and messaging. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas on other presentation tools please contact ASIS&T.

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Chapter Activity Report Instructions
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Student Chapter Bylaws (pdf)
Student chapter rules and regulations.

Student Chapter Manual
A guide to starting and running a student chapter, including suggested activities.

Annual Activity Report
Reports are due July 1, even if not applying for the “Student Chapter of the Year” Award.

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Examples of great ideas for meetings and events from your fellow chapters.

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Get to know the members of ASIS&T and how they developed their career paths.

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