Central Ohio Chapter

The purpose of the Chapter is to provide an organization through which members of ASIS&T located within the Chapter area may participate in and carry forward the programs and purposes of ASIS&T. The Chapter shall promote the interests of the Society and its programs and shall make every reasonable effort to involve students of information science who are located within its boundaries.

2016-2017 Officers
Timothy Dickey, Chair
Brian Stettner, Chair-Elect
Erin Kilkenny, Treasurer
Ashleigh Minor, Secretary
Timothy Dickey, Membership
Vacant, Student Representative
Timothy Dickey, Chapter Assembly Representative
Philip Willke, Webmaster
Penelope Shumaker, Hospitality
Brian Stettner, Past Chair

2015-2016 Officers
Brian Stettner, Chair
Timothy Dickey, Chair-Elect
Philip Willke, Treasurer
Ashleigh Minor, Secretary
Timothy Dickey, Membership
Ashleigh Minor, Webmaster
Penelope Shumaker, Hospitality
Timothy Dickey, Past Chair