SIG InfoLearn launched in March of 2017 to support an exciting and growing scholarly research domain, at the nexus of information and learning sciences.

Researchers in both information and learning sciences aim to reach a deeper understanding of the cognitive and social processes that facilitate inquiry, learning, and knowledge co-construction, in order to advance theories of learning, information-seeking, and learning systems’ design (e.g., Agosto, Abbas, & Naughton, 2012; Ahn, Erickson & Meyers, 2014; Bowler, 2010; Chu, 2009; Chu, Reynolds, Tavares, Notari, & Lee 2016; Hansen & Rieh, 2016; Reynolds & Chiu, 2015; Reynolds, 2016; Vakkari, 2016). Special issues of the Journal of Information Science (“Searching as Learning,” 2016) and The Information Society (“Revealing Mutually Constitutive Ties between the Information and Learning Sciences,” 2016) and several international symposia, seminars and workshops in recent years such as the 2014 IIiX workshop on “Searching as Learning,” the 2015 iConference “Digital Youth” workshop, and the Schloss Dagstuhl seminar on “Searching as Learning” have discussed these intersections in human information and learning behavior.

Thus, we have established a new Special Interest Group of ASIS&T, “Information and Learning Sciences,” or “InfoLearn.” This SIG builds upon the growing recognition of the ways in which the scholarly disciplines of information science and learning sciences stand to enrich one another theoretically, methodologically, and, empirically, for instance through design improvements within systems in which human learning is to be expected. With its launch, ASIS&T members will have the ability to affiliate conference panels with the SIG, for which ASIS&T reserves time and resources in the conference schedule. We also aim to host workshop(s) at the annual conference further supporting scholarship in this domain, and to develop social media and listserv channels for ongoing scholarly communication for SIG members. We invite research on intersecting phenomena spanning the boundaries among both fields, including:

  • Studies relating to information-seeking processes during both formal and informal learning endeavors
  • Learning and/or information-seeking by the full diversity of youth, adults, elders and specialized populations: at work; at school; at play
  • Design and use of learning systems and information systems involving searching and learning, in multiple contexts
  • Information, communication, and technology (ICT) issues in computer-supported collaborative learning
  • Ethnographic, emancipatory, critical-race theory and post-structural research involving information and learning
  • Digital divide, literacies, access, and learning systems
  • Learning analytics and/or data science perspectives on inquiry activity with learning or information systems
  • Research on data sharing, information architecture, knowledge ecosystems in E-learning
  • Social and ethical issues, privacy and security concerns in online and cyber-learning

2018 – 2019 Officers:

Chair: Eric Meyers
Communications/Member Recruitment: Denise Agosto

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