SIG/MET is the Special Interest Group for the measurement of information production and use. It encourages the development and networking of all those interested in the measurement of information. It encompasses not only bibliometrics, scientometrics and informetrics, but also measurement of the Web and the Internet, applications running on these platforms, and metrics related to network analysis, visualization, scholarly communication and the design and operation of Information Retrieval Systems. SIG/MET will facilitate activities to encourage the promotion, research and application of metrics topics. Academicians, practitioners, commercial providers, government representatives, and any other interested persons are welcome.

2017 – 2018 Officers

Chair: Neil Smalheiser
Chair-Elect: Philippe Mongeon
Past Chair: Tim Bowman
Secretary/Treasurer: Shenmeng Xu
Webmaster: Christine Meschede
Communications/Webmaster: Isabelle Dorsch
Membership: Carolyn Cramer
Liason with SIG/DL: Edwin Henneken
Liason with SIG/SM: Isabelle Dorsch
Liason with SIG/SM: Aylin Ilhan

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