SIG/OIM (formerly MGT) provides a forum for information professionals who manage information resources for professional employees in academic, corporate, or government environments for the purposes of:

  • increasing their effectiveness at one or more stages of the information process spectrum (creation through dissemination to the end user);
  • and enhancing organizational and individual productivity through effective information resources management.

It provides a forum for study and discussion of:

  • Human resources
    • management
    • designing optimum training and professional development strategies for information professionals;
  • Technologies
    • confluence and integration of information technologies;
  • Economics and finance
    • cost-benefit analysis of information activities;
    • economics of the unit and the enterprise.

2018 – 2019 Officers:
Chair: Deanna Hall
Chair-Elect:   Caroline Coward
Secretary/Treasurer: Bill Edgar
Cabinet Representative: Rong Tang
Past Chair: Heather Pfeiffer

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